T'doshok Sabacc

This game will be quick and painless; for me.

Echo Rantae

Trandoshan variation of Sabacc.

Trandoshan Sabacc, or T'doshok Sabacc, originated in the Alliance House of Lords. While this variation follows many of the same rules as standard Sabacc, there are a few nuiances that all players should be familiar with prior to placing their hand bet. The deck is a house deck that never leaves the premises and when not in use, is placed in a secure vault to prevent tampering and theft; the cards were cut from sheets of phrik; a rare, expensive, and nearly indestructable metallic compound. There are only 3 decks of cards in existance.

How to play

  1. At the beginning of the hand each player is dealt a card until both players have 2 cards in hand.
  2. The host goes first.
  3. On your turn, you may draw one or more cards.
  4. Your turn is over when you either hold, or you reach a total of 10 cards in your hand.
  5. This sequence will be repeated for the challenger.


  1. Standard: Player closest to or having 23 points without going over.
  2. Jagannath: Player has 10 cards in hand and did not go over 23.
  3. First player to win 3 hands, wins the match.
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