Umgullian Blobs

Umgullian Blobs are gelatinous amorphs, with fluid-like membrane that allows them to change their shape. Within the species, there are many sub-species that range from docile pets, to toxic pests. Those with abilities to move quickly have been designated to be racers like we see in Umgullian Racing. Blobs have the unique ability to replicate by splitting when they reach a certain size. The initial blob retains its traits, and the split blod inherits these traits, with some risk of mutation. A large majority of blobs are partially transparent with a green tint, but due to the splitting/breeding, they have developed other colors, as well as stripes, spots, bioluminescence, and enzymatic properties suited for both medical and drug production. The life expectancy of blobs are unknown, as the earliest discovered blobs, while they have split numerous times, the parent/host (the initial blob other blobs were split from), still continue to grow and split.

Discovery of the Blobs

Arkanian Engineers first came across these strange Blobs on Nulan I while surveying for a new construction project. They soon stumbled across what appeared to be a make-shift zoo or habitat. The origins of the Blobs are mostly unknown. There were very few records intact during the discovery, however they were referred to Umgullian blobs due to being from a planet called Umgul; an unmapped system purportedly in the Mid Rim. Additional investigation of the neighboring cities and it's inhabitants yielded little information.


Soon after discovery and financial allocation, the Brotherhood established a research center in Nulan I to gain more information about these unknown creatures. Initial exposure tests indicated that blobs could withstand extreme heat and cold. The nature of these creatures seemed to be inorganic. When they were exposed to certain chemicals, their traits did not change, but they would stop growing, or began to lose volume. When exposed to a rudimentary mixture of tibanna gas and carbonite in a vaccum, the blobs crystallized; and would never regain their initial shape. When crushed, the crystaline powder provided simalar effects to that of bacta. During this process, if additional additives were added, either gas or chemical, the resulting powder would have different properties. Notable variations included hallucinogens, stimulants, pain inhibitors, and poisons.

From Research to Recreation

As the blob population continued to grow, neighboring cities began to start harboring them as pets. Local taven owners, following suit of the researchers, found additional uses for the blobs. Through racing the little blobs through various tracks with obstacles, patrons could bet on the outcome of the races. It is unclear if it was the researchers or through trial and error by the locals, but soon, "breeders" were attempting to force mutations to make the blobs perform better in the races.

The Sport

In Year 20, a small coalition was formed to limit forced mutations (under the guise of blob safety) and standardize blob racing. This coalition also helped promote expansion of the blob racing to nearby star systems; becoming a prime exporter of blobs. Official events began to be sanctioned by the coalition, even reaching into the core worlds. The first official blob-dedicated venue was established on Nulan I, not far from where the blobs were intially discovered. Within the span of a year, there were 35 locations for blob racing.